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Maendeleo ya Makazi

Maendeleo ya Makazi


To provide expertise and services on physical planning, land use planning, housing and development of sustainable human settlements in the Country.

2.0. Functions

The Division is performing the following functions:-

i. To develop, coordinate and review implementation of policies, laws, strategies, programs and guidelines related to Human Settlements and Housing;

ii. To oversee the planning, design and production of general planning schemes and detailed planning schemes for urban and prime areas;

iii. To oversee the implementation of the physical development plans;

iv. To oversee the development of human settlements;

v. To facilitate review of general and detailed planning schemes;

vi. To monitor urbanization trends, rural and urban settlement growth and development;

vii. To oversee preparation of plans and drawings and make sure that they are prepared to acceptable stipulated standards;

viii. To approve general and detailed planning schemes;

ix. To develop strategies for stimulating the private sector involvement in the provision of sustainable housing services;

x. To provide support to housing development organizations with innovative approaches to low cost housing; and

xi. To coordinate the implementation of programs on low cost housing through coordinated researches.

This Division is led by a Director


The Division has four Sections namely:

i. Physical Planning and Design Section;

ii. Settlement Regularization Section;

iii. Physical Development Control Section; and

iv. Housing and Property Development Section.

Each section is led by Assistant Director.


4.1. Physical Planning and Design Section

This Section performs the following activities:-

  1. Carry out research on physical planning issues;
  2. Assist planning authorities in the preparation of general planning schemes and urban redevelopment plans and oversee their implementation;
  3. Scrutinize and recommend for approval of general and detailed planning schemes;
  4. Develop guidelines, circulars, directives and publications for general planning schemes;
  5. To facilitate review of general and detailed planning schemes and Redevelopment plans;
  6. Facilitate the preparation of layouts for prime areas, coastal and beach areas, institutions, industries, mining and agricultural centers; and
  7. Keep and maintain all planning records of urban layouts.

viii. This Section is led by an Assistant Director

4.2. Settlement Regularization Section

This Section performs the following activities:-

i. Assist planning authorities in regularizing unplanned settlements

ii. Research and document unplanned settlements for regularization and preparation of strategies for implementation;

iii. Prepare guidelines and circulars for improving and preventing unplanned settlements in urban centers;

iv. Create awareness on regularization through seminars, publications, brochures etc;

v. Prepare and coordinate usage of procedures in preparation, checking, approval and implementation of regularization schemes;

vi. Scrutinize and recommend for approval schemes of regularization; and

vii. Identify and build capacity of technical staff in the land sector in urban authorities.


4.3. Physical Development Control Section

This Section performs the following activities:-

i. Prepare, monitor, evaluate and review implementation of policies, legislations, guidelines and standards on physical development control;

ii. Prepare and monitor enforcement of Town Planning Regulations, development conditions, procedures, circulars and directives;

iii. Identify and recommend for declaration of planning areas ripe for development, redevelopment, and conservation after consultation with local authorities;

iv. Scrutinize and recommend for approval to change land use and subdivisions;

v. Receive, inspect and recommend measures for resolving planning appeals;

vi. Monitor and supervise enforcement of development control and carry out evaluation of urban development; and

vii. Collaborate with other institutions and organizations to manage environmental issues related to physical development.


4.4. Housing and Property Development Section

This Section performs the following activities:-

i. Develop, monitor, evaluate and review implementation of housing policies, legislations, standards, guidelines, strategies and programs;

ii. Facilitate local authorities to provide affordable rental housing;

iii. Facilitate the provision of basic infrastructure for housing development;

iv. Coordinate and implement programs on how to construct low cost houses;

v. Develop strategies for development of housing cooperatives and societies;

vi. Undertake research on housing related matters and disseminate researched technologies and low cost housing construction material to the public;

vii. Coordinate global efforts on Habitat Shelter issues;

viii. Develop and implement strategies which will involve Public Private Partnership (PPP) in housing development schemes;

ix. Manage and administer the Revolving Housing Loan Fund for Government Employees;

x. Develop and implement strategies for mobilization of financial resources for housing development;

xi. Facilitate availability of housing loans facilities; and

xii. Solicit and coordinate international assistance on housing development schemes.