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  1. Human Settlements Development Division

    Human Settlements Development Division

    Planning is a process of influencing, controlling or directing changes (or non change) in the use of Land and the allocation of land over time and space. Allocation in this case refers determining the site and size of Land for particular use; it has nothing to do with granting rights...
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  2. Surveys and Mapping

    Surveys and Mapping

    To provide expertise and services in the provision of survey charts, plans and maps
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  3. Land Administration

    Land Administration

    The Land Administration Division was introduced so as to offer services on land development related issues. The division comprised of three Sections and seven Zonal Land Administration Offices. The head of this division is the Commissioner for Land.
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  4. Land and Housing Tribunals

    Land and Housing Tribunals

    To ensure effective and efficient resolution of Land and Housing Disputes. The activities of the Unit are: · To oversee and support operations of District Land and Housing Tribunals. · Manage record of cases registered in District Land and Housing Tribunals. ·...
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  5. Property Valuation

    Property Valuation

    To ensure efficient property valuation services. The activities of the Unit are:- · To oversee statutory valuation · To establish property valuation database · To prepare and approve property valuation · Prepare action Plan, progress reports and bu...
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  6. Registration of Tittle

    Registration of Tittle

    Ofisi ya Usajili wa Hati ipo katika kanda nane za usajili katika mikoa ya Dodoma, Mwanza, Moshi, Mtwara, Mbeya, Tabora, Dar es Salaam na Morogoro
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